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Mamahealth is a flexible, automated financial planning platform where pregnant mothers and their friends/family can make flexible piecemeal payments that go towards meeting the cost of their delivery, and, optionally, post-natal care

Mama Health is a targeted financial savings plan geared and directed towards delivery and child care.

  • Select hospital of choice
  • Chooses plan they want i.e.
    • Pre-natal & delivery
    • Delivery only
    • Pre-delivery, delivery & post-delivery care
  • Makes low deposit
  • Customer pays any amount, anytime, anywhere over time via MPESA
  • Access to real time statements

You can choose a hospital on our panel or any other hospital of your choice by filling in the google form provided

Refund is provided in the cases of overpayment or in the unfortunate incident of miscarriage. In cases of overpayment, you can transfer the remaining amount to child wellness care or any other bills ( in the one you gave birth in) or any other facility of your choice.

Should you as the mother, for one reason or another, need to have an emergency delivery before your planned duration, you will be able to access this service through what we call emergency credit. The mother will undergo the surgery and pay the pay the balance at an interest.

The money is remitted directly to your hospital of choice and is not sent to you

Yes, you can have your pre-natal care and delivery in different hospitals.

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